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High End Chefs will add the finishing touches and a pinch of seasoning to your private chef professional portfolio.

chef portfolios

Create an impression from the very first moment, with an organised, concise, well crafted and professionally presented set of documents that can help you land that high end job or client. Your CV, food image gallery, menus and more are now portable and easy to access online or ready to print and deliver to your next career location.

Chef websites

Stand out with a well presented professional website. Showcase your food and menus, highlight skills, attract enquiries, blog your events and journey and bang your culinary drum! Your client or employer may now access your repertoire at the click of a button. We handle the technical elements while you get on with what you do best!

complete coach

A private coaching call. Build and maintain your own professional portfolio and CV with our unique methods and guidance. We provide you with precise and clear instructions to help you design an attractive image gallery, and clearly set out CV with modern menu plans that you can amend at any time.

We’ll Help You Create The Right Impression…

At High End Chefs we know a thing or two about preparing you and your portfolio for high profile clients and employers.

“Aly has created an open and supportive environment where all types of chefs from all over the world can communicate openly and safely.

Thank you Aly for being so supportive of all of us.. Sandra Danzig

High End Chefs Member & Private Chef

“Thank you for creating this community. I love the postings from around the world of beautiful presentations of what other chefs are creating. This group has opened the possibilities of stepping up my game. I also appreciate your quick responses to everyone’s questions and showcasing many culinary professionals. Allan Badovinac

Private Chef & Member

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